Coffee Boss day 5: Further adventures

I’ve been doing a bit more work which is about:


Finding an algorithm or treatment (I don’t know what the right word is… an analysis?) that will isolate significant changes to the weight of the machine,

  1. applying a high-cut filter using a median filter in a rolling window,
  2. then producing a diff to create something normalised,
  3. then thresholding that to produce some binary output
column_names = ['datestamp', 'date', 'time', 'weight']
df = read_csv('../output/datr20190911.csv', names=column_names, parse_dates=True, infer_datetime_format=True)
df = df.append(read_csv('../output/datr20190912.csv', names=column_names, parse_dates=True, infer_datetime_format=True))
df = df.append(read_csv('../output/datr20190913.csv', names=column_names, parse_dates=True, infer_datetime_format=True))
df = df.append(read_csv('../output/datr20190914.csv', names=column_names, parse_dates=True, infer_datetime_format=True))

df['datetime'] = pd.to_datetime(df['datestamp'])
del df['datestamp']
del df['time']
del df['date']

small_window = {'name': 'rolling4', 'size': 4}
df[small_window['name']] = df['weight'].rolling(small_window['size']).median()

df['diff'] = df[small_window['name']].diff(periods=8)

threshold = 600.0
df['thresholded'] = (df['diff'] > threshold) * 1

Displaying it to check the analysis

Find how to display the charts in a way that lets me see what I’m actually doing. This has evolved into what’s below.

fig1, (ax1, ax2, ax3) = plt.subplots(nrows=3, ncols=1, sharex='all')

ax1.grid(b=True, which='major', color='#666666', linestyle='-')
ax1.grid(b=True, which='minor', color='#999999', linestyle='-', alpha=0.2)

ax2.grid(b=True, which='major', color='#666666', linestyle='-')
ax2.grid(b=True, which='minor', color='#999999', linestyle='-', alpha=0.2)

ax3.grid(b=True, which='major', color='#666666', linestyle='-')
ax3.grid(b=True, which='minor', color='#999999', linestyle='-', alpha=0.2)

df.plot(x='datetime', y=[small_window['name'], 'thresholded'], secondary_y=['thresholded'], ax=ax1)
df.plot(x='datetime', y=[small_window['name']], ax=ax2, figsize=(8, 8))
df.plot(x='datetime', y=['diff'], ax=ax3)