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New settings for 3d printer

My hot end connector burnt out:
Extruder heater burnt out

And my LCD was behaving extremely oddly after that, so I bit the bullet and just got a whole new electronics package: RUMBA plus full graphic LCD, from

Had to compile new Marlin for it, so had to remember all the stuff that I did to get the last one running ok.

Calibrating e-steps:

  1. Write down the current e-steps value
  2. G92 E0 to zero the extruder position
  3. G1 E50 to extrude 50mm of material
  4. Measure how much was extended
  5. Divide 50 by actual amount extruded
  6. Multiply e-steps by that value
  7. M92 E<the value> to set the new e-steps value, or use the LCD

For example:

  1. Current e-steps is 114
  2. G92 E0 and then G1 E50
  3. Machine extended 57.4mm
  4. 50 / 57.4 = 0.87108
  5. 114 * 0.87108 = 99.30314
  6. M92 E99.303

Easy. I forget this every single time and have to scratting around to find the article that helps me do it. I even forgot that I’d written it up on this blog, three years ago, then I stumbled across that now, and didn’t find it helpful.

Other truths:

  • X and Y steps per mm: 81
  • Z-steps per mm: 3980

And remember to do a M500 to save it to EEPROM afterwards. And make sure that


is uncommented, so as to allow EEPROMing. So:

M92 X81 Y81 Z3980 E99.303