Monthly Archives: May 2014

Calibrating e-steps

Every time I have to do this, I forget what to do, and have a frustrating time. Because it’s simple.

G91 – Sets the printer into relative mode. This is so that issuing:

G1 E10 – actually moves 10mm. I do this twice in row for each measurement. The first one compensates for the inaccuracy of the previous measurement.

I could issue a G92 to zero everything instead of doing the G1 twice, but I don’t.

Then M92 E800 to set esteps per mm to 800. Mark on the filament 10mm on the ruler, then send G1 E10, and see how far the mark is from the 0mm mark on the ruler. Once it’s as accurate as can be at 10mm, do a couple at 50mm or 100mm to check the accuracy better.

I just got a new extruder.


  • Mini extruder with NEMA14, E3D hotend: e-steps per mm: 700
  • Bulldog Lite with bowden, E3D hotend: e-steps per mm: 114