So this is the new personal site.

For a while I’ve been busy with drawing machines or jewellery, and each of those things have their own corners of the internet, but I’ve been neglecting the original one –  

So this is the relaunch.  The old website worked ok, but it was coded from scratch in php by me in 2006, and was only ever just good enough – and fairly clumsy and awkward in many ways.  And I don’t really have the time or the inclination to continue work on that.

So this will be the personal site, that will hopefully function as a notepad for technical stuff that I want to keep track of and stuff that I think is hard to find on the web already.  As well as new project development stuff.  Polargraph has entirely dominated my time for the last two years, and I’m not having it any more!

It will also have the same self-indulgent rubbish on it as the old one did.  I might migrate the old stuff over, but probably only the useful bits.


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