Kobo mini serial port

I’m building an alarm clock that will use a kobo e-ink reader as it’s interface and display, so I’ve been trying to figure out how to interface to it.  I got a kobo mini just after christmas for £50.  It’s a linux box, and I’m actually really impressed by the hackability of it.  It’s very open, easy to get into it (even for a noob like me), and has got busybox and python on it.

Most of the information I needed I’ve got from Mobileread’s Kobo Touch hacking wiki which gives a good guide as to how to get root access.

Prompted by soapy frog’s reports I also cracked up the mini:

Kobo mini mystery optical components

and soldered in some pin headers, then wired in a 3.3v TTL Serial-to-USB adapter board (with an FTDI chip on it), and was delighted to find that I could then PuTTY to that virtual com port (115200 8 N 1) and get root terminal access.

USB to serial adapter being used to connect to the linux console on my kobo mini.

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